Fluffy Mc Cloud

Nice short animation with a great style merging live action with hand drawn animation.

FLUFFY MC CLOUD from conorfinnegan on Vimeo.

A short film about man’s misunderstanding and mixed relationship with mother nature (barf!)..

This is my graduate film from IADT National Film School.. Its a bit of a mix of stop-motion, live action and hand drawn animation, shot in my attic on a Cannon EOS 5D, Cannon 450D and a 7D too (basically any camera i could borrow from friends and siblings). i hope you like it!

ps. if anyone that reads this is interested in employing/ interning me, i’m currently living and looking for work in NYC! contact me: funnegan@gmail.com


dilla The Film

Nice little animation:

An armadillo lives in a perfect world that is threatened when a hunter enters the scene.

dilla The Film from mikey sauls on Vimeo.

Mind Controll Hardware

You must have seen one of the mind control games that were released last year…

If you missed them here are the 2 big ones:

Uncle Milton Star Wars Force Trainer: http://www.amazon.co.uk/Uncle-Milton-Star-Force-Trainer/dp/B001UZHASY

And Mindflex Game : http://mindflexgames.com/ http://www.amazon.co.uk/P2639-Mattel-Mindflex-Game/dp/B001UEUHCG

Now people are starting to create their own system…

This post details how to hack up the Mindflex game with an Arduino to roll your own: http://ericmika.com/itp/brain-hack

And  Emotiv EPOC developer headset is an expensive but probably a more receptive and polished looking alternative

“Based on the latest developments in neuro-technology, Emotiv has developed a revolutionary new personal interface for human computer interaction.  The Emotiv EPOC is a high resolution, neuro-signal acquisition and processing wireless neuroheadset.  It uses a set of sensors to tune into electric signals produced by the brain to detect player thoughts, feelings and expressions and connects wirelessly to most PCs.”

Basically this headset and the SDK Emotiv provide we can turn brain signals into controls/input for virtually any software, game, website, robot or anything controlled by a computer or electronics.

Full info here: http://www.emotiv.com/apps/epoc/297/

I’m not a neuroscientist but I would imagine that you could only do very basic things with this technology.

I can’t wait to see all the different experiences people come up with.

Short paper animated video

Wieden+Kennedy 12.6:

Directed by Jamie Edwards and Javan Ivey

Shot at Bent Image Lab in Portland, OR.

Music: “Vibrations” by Javelin

Sketch Chair

This looks really good for prototyping and it gives you the templates to produce the item, I sure people will find other uses for this apart from chairs.

SketchChair from Greg Saul on Vimeo.

full info and download: http://gregsaul.co.nz/SketchChair/

Continuously shot music video: Tim Halperin – She Runs

This is a continuously shot video. All the sets were built by volunteers with donated materials and props. The budget was $500, and there were 21 actors, 15 stage hands, and 6 directors.

Here is the video:

And the behind the scenes:

Crazy animatronics showreel

Loads of different examples


robotic baby with life-like movements

The robotic baby with skin

I like Brett Domino’s covers

Here is his Justin Timberlake Medley:

Michael Jackson Medley:

Dan Buettner: How to live to be 100+

Brilliant TED talk

Cardboard Warfare