I Like My Origami Dirty


“Like My Origami Dirty is everything Pornigami.”

Short paper animated video

Wieden+Kennedy 12.6:

Directed by Jamie Edwards and Javan Ivey

Shot at Bent Image Lab in Portland, OR.

Music: “Vibrations” by Javelin

Addictive Game


It reminds me of Jezzball on the PC, I spent days playing that game as a kid.

Sketch Chair

This looks really good for prototyping and it gives you the templates to produce the item, I sure people will find other uses for this apart from chairs.

SketchChair from Greg Saul on Vimeo.

full info and download: http://gregsaul.co.nz/SketchChair/

Continuously shot music video: Tim Halperin – She Runs

This is a continuously shot video. All the sets were built by volunteers with donated materials and props. The budget was $500, and there were 21 actors, 15 stage hands, and 6 directors.

Here is the video:

And the behind the scenes:

London Rents Map

The map shows average weekly rents for property types in an area there is also a table that indicates the range of rents in this area and the wider borough.


London Metropolitan Police Crime Map

Moving to a new area and want to see how safe it is?
This map is really good; you can drill down to small areas and see the data for different crime types like residential burglary.


London Murder Map

The map indicates the locations where the murders took place in London. You can filter by weapon.


Flash 3D terrain engine


Impressive speed!

Flash Player 10 required.

Controls: drag to move, mouse wheel to tilt.

Secret tips for fellow hackers here: I toggles stats, m toggles mesh, t shows textures, s shows strips.

Written in haXe.

More info: http://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=1500338

Bikeshd: looking for your stolen bike or a new one?

Bikeshd show the most recent bikes listed on Gumtree and Ebay in a nice tiled gallery. Hover over an image for the price and click-through to Gumtree.